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Bait Boat Accessories

Useful additions for your baitboat

Brand: Custom Tackle Model: Deeper
Deeper Pro Plus bait boat mount Arm Fits All deeper sonar. Fully articulated so always floats independently of boat, stays the same level regardless of fully loaded or empty boat. Stainless steel fittings and nylock nuts, o rings fit between deeper and mount to reduce vibration. Singl..
Ex Tax:£15.99
Brand: Custom Tackle Model: FlySkyMount
This auction is for the mounting bracket ONLY - Handset & x-pilot are for illustrative purposes ONLY and are NOT included !!This mount allows you to mount the x-pilot , onto a flysky handset for ease of use - mount the x-pilot behind the handset leaving easy access to all RC controls.Can also be..
Ex Tax:£16.99
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