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Clear Bobbins

Clear Bobbins
Clear Bobbins
Clear Bobbins
Clear Bobbins
Clear Bobbins
Clear Bobbins
Clear Bobbins
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      • Made in our UK workshop from resin so won't crack like Perspex / acrylic will
      • indicator head Approx. size -  length 40mm  width  15mm
      • Fits a  25 x 3mm isotope internally - no glue or silicon required
      • Glows in the Dark when 25mm isotope fitted
      • Approximate weight : 10g
      • Premium System - Stainless hockey stick , heavy Stainless 6" Curb Chain and a stainless ball clip
      • STD System - Plastic hockey stick, 6" stainless ball chain, Stainless ball clip
      • Handmade in the UK
      • Any Questions just ask 
      • Supplied with M5 or 2BA  or fox black label fitment

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