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WIFI HT-x3005 Wireless Chrony Air Rifle or Airsoft Chronograph

WIFI Chrono Wireless Chrony Air Rifle or Airsoft Chronograph Chronoscope - YouTube

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New Chronograph with builtin WIFI hotspot -x3005
Data displayed on any wireless phone/laptop/tablet 

Supplied with a 1/2" mount which screws onto a barrel with a 1/2 silencer thread and a 30mm mount which push fits onto a silencer with a diameter of 28mm to 30mm OR
Universal Mount fits various size moderators / barrels and is supplied with an alignment tool

Custom  - Please supply diameter of barrel / silencer and a custom mount will be supplied.

  • Barrel mounted chronoscope with various screw / push-fit mounts to accommodate different size barrels / silencers
  • Calculates / displays the speed in M/S or FPS (on device - web data m/s ONLY) and muzzle energy in J/cm². (10-5000 fps) (0-999J) -
  • Displays rate of fire 0-3600 rounds per min ( for use with fully / semi auto devices)
  • Last 120 Shots stored in memory (even when powered off)
  • internal battery provides power and is charged by mini USB
  • Accurate with +/1% of measured velocity. 

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